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Executive Recruitment & Professional Contracting with a difference

At talentnow!, we offer executive recruitment and professional contracting services. We work with organisations and candidates to develop their full employment and career objectives.

For Organisations

Executive recruitment and professional contracting - delivered with unparalleled expertise

At the executive level, employing people often becomes more challenging as talent becomes more scarce and specialised. In challenging economic times, talent moves more slowly as people tend to stay put. At the same time, organisations need a constant supply of top skills to continue to grow, and therein lies the dilemma. That's where we can help. Our team averages in excess of 20 years' recruitment sector experience. Few, if any others, can state that level of experience we can bring to the table. Our extensive talent networks, experience and knowledge about tapping into both the active and passive job seeking market, saves organisations considerable time, money and frustration. We also have an uncanny ability to source highly specialised skills in both New Zealand and abroad.

On top of that, our fees are recognised amongst the lowest in this sector. And we can do this because we have disposed of the unnecessary and costly overheads that most of the rest of the industry has to recover from you - the client.

Our commitment to you is to deliver low cost, high quality (yes, they can exist together...) recruitment solutions and our satisfied and extensive national client base proves this.

For Individuals

The best career opportunities - short or long term

At talentnow!, we are committed to meeting your career objectives by offering a constant supply of challenging roles and contract opportunities, whether you are openly seeking a new opportunity or simply want to keep a discreet eye out for opportunities you may consider in the future.

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